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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Why Do We Use It?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Why Do We Use It?

A fact that isn’t widely known around our community is that we have been using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from Greece, ever since we started the restaurant back in 1979. It is a premium product we use in our cooking and our salads.

The reason why?
We care about what our customers eat. We treat you like you’re part of the family, and in our family, we try our best to consume only the most nutritious, but the most natural products.

So what’s the big difference between Extra Virgin and regular Olive Oil? EVOO is an unrefined oil and the highest quality available. It is produced from the first cold press of the whole olives and the pits of the olives. The cold pressing of a fruit or vegetable means that no harsh chemicals or high levels of heat are used in order to produce the final product. According to livestrong.com,

“Virgin” olive oil, without the word “extra,” is the oil produced from the second pressing. It has a lighter flavor and color than extra virgin olive oil.”

Health benefits of EVOO include:
-Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
-Aids in the prevention of some cancers
-Helps the digestive system
-Anti-inflammatory properties
-Bone health
-Helps with memory function

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  • Elaine Crossley Posted December 23, 2015 10:04 pm

    I’ve been coming here since 1981 and never had a bad meal.

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